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Meet Again (FiddAuthor)
Fiddleford had been strange, even before growing addicted to his memory gun. Stanford often remembered their times at college, how Fiddleford would be up at odd hours playing his banjo while subsequently studying for whatever exam was next. It had irritated him to no end at first, Stanford either sleeping in the library or grumbling at the Southerner until he fell quiet. It took almost a month before Fiddleford found his roommate no longer snapping at him for playing too loud, Stanford finding the music soothing after long binges of studying. His quirks became almost soothing to Stanford the longer they knew each other. Sure, when he invited his friend to Gravity Falls he acted annoyed, but he really did feel comforted from familiar habits that he had been without for years. When it was revealed to Fiddleford what the portal really did, the man couldn’t handle the truth. The gun he had been tinkering with for a while became his friend, even if he forgot what it did after too much
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Past Thoughts (Ford and Stan Pines)
“So when were you going to tell me?’
“Hm?” Stanford blinked, glancing up from the journal he had been scribbling in over the last two hours. A jar sat in front of the researcher, what looked like an octopus crossed with a seal swimming around in the water. It let out an annoyed sound when Stanley tapped the side of its enclosure. “Stanley…”
“Ford…you were going to die.” This caught his attention, Stanford looking slightly startled as he stared at his twin.
“What are you talking about Stanley?” He asked, journal forgotten as Stan sat on his bunk across from his brother. The younger twin looked downcast, an all too familiar book being held in his weathered fingers. “Where did…”
“Had I not started that damn thing…you would have died.” He replied quietly, eyes boring into Stanford’s.  The elder swallowed nervously, picking at the cuff of his jacket. He had never wanted to
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Aftermath (Citadel of Ricks)
It had been a few days since a Morty became president, committing a mass genocide of Rick’s that had all dared to oppose him. The city had since gone quiet, bustling shops and bars all closed and empty. It didn’t help their ranks had been reduced dramatically. Emotionless security Rick’s patrolled the empty streets, keeping an eye out for troublemakers and those trying to escape. After the mass genocide had been started, everyone flew into a panic as Morty’s and Rick’s dressed in white security garb descended upon them. Countless Rick’s had been mowed down, Morty’s given a chance to kill those they called grandfather, or perish. Not many had refused, their mind’s haunted at the looks of betrayal in their former grandfather’s eyes before they dispatched them.
Corpses floated by the many windows of the Citadel, frozen blood floating around the greying bodies. No one could bare to look, heads cast low as they were soon ordered back to
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Reunited Again (Stan and Ford Pines)
The Shack lay in utter ruins. The roof was barely held together, the famous sign on the ground with splinters sticking out from where the letters had been torn from its housing. Almost upper window had been broken from the house impacting the ground, shards cleaned up and tossed into the crunched in trash bins. The woods were silent, the usual chirps and occasional roar of a breast far off no longer filling the air with its familiar ease. The totem pole lay on its side, partially blocking the main entrance which annoyed those who drive to drive up.  The golf cart was a lost cause, currently crushed under some trees despite the valiant efforts from a certain handyman.
The inside fared no better. Paintings littered the floor, fragile figures and “creatures” shattered. The initial impact destroyed the kitchen, broken bits of plates and cups still imbedded in the surrounding walls and table. It would cost a lot to replace what was broken, but that was of little concern to
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Hello Again (Stan and Ford Pines)
It had been two years since Stanford had died, having gone peacefully in the night the day after his 93rd birthday.
The beeps of machinery caused an air of gloom to cover the hospital room, that was packed full of family members surrounding a lone bed. Stanley Pines lay dying, his brother Sherman holding one weathered hand in his, while Dipper and Mabel held his other hand. They were trying to hard not to cry, but tears would escape them no matter how hard they tried to keep them hidden. Their parents had since fallen asleep in the late hour, Stanley having joked with them weakly until they had succumbed to sleep.
“I…I think it’s time…” It was 2:27 am when Stanley spoke these words, his tone not holding fear but instead was calm.
“No…no please…” Mabel whimpered, Stan’s shaking hand gently wiping a tear away.
“It’s going to be okay sweetheart…I promise.” His smile was one of love, Mabel shaking as he tur
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Mistakes (FiddAuthor)
It had taken him what had seemed like days to carry him home, the convulsing man cradled in his arms nearly falling from his own shaking arms multiple times.
“Sssh, I’m right here.” The voice was meant to be soothing, but you could hear the barely repressed hysteria. The injured man was laid on a table, papers and cups clattering to the ground as it was cleaned off in a hurry. “I’m sorry…” The screams of agony began moments later, large several inch-long quills being carefully but painfully being pulled from reddened skin. Thankfully there were no needle-like quills to worry about, the screams turning to whimpers as the skin was treated and bandaged up. The convulsing began to die down, however the shaking remained as neurotoxin worked its way through the scrawny body of the unfortunate scientist lying on the table. His companion reassured him throughout the night, only closing his eyes for sleep when the shaking stop and his whimpers subsided,
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Hi Guys! (Story List)
Hi everyone! So, I've been without a laptop for the last couple of weeks because my baby was having some internal troubles, but now that she's back I can start posting more! Now, I've put a few stories on tumblr because it has the easiest mobile format, and I figure I will complie them all for you guys to enjoy!
Peaceful Waters (Sea Grunks) -->
Imitation (Stanford and Dipper Pines) -->
A Helping Hand (FiddAuthor) -->
Clingy Partner (FiddAuthor) -->
Winter Nights (FiddAuthor) -->
Rainy Regret (Stanford Pines) -->
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He's here! by TransformersG1fan271 He's here! :icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 7 10
Life Changing Meeting (FiddleStan)
He wasn’t sure how it all began, honestly.
Where did you two meet?
Such an innocent question, right? However, the question caused a slight amount of pain for one half of the couple, their significant other having no recollection of their fateful meeting.

Stanley had lived in Gravity Falls for three years at this point, having settled into his routine of running a tourist trap by day, and working on the portal that had taken his brother from him most nights. That night had been a rare one he afforded to himself, snow falling rather hard as a blizzard swept through town. He had heard an odd rattling around where he kept his trash cans, the man going to investigate after growing annoyed with the sound. His flashlight barely cut through the expansive white, but when it caught on something shaking, Stan went pale as he quickly dropped to his knees. Lying propped against the Shack was a lanky thing of man, his feet bare and wrapped poorly in bandages that spotted through wit
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Overdue Justice (Synth!Stan and Ford) (1)
Stan had tried to sway Ford, he really had. The traveler had heard tale of the many Vaults that dotted across the war-torn and irradiated United States, and had begged the synth to study one for weeks.
“Stay close, this vault could be hiding some nasty surprises.” Stanley barked out to Stanford as the two crept their way into the old vault that was creaking with age. The traveler naturally didn’t listen, studying various parts of the aging structure with his voice quivering in excitement. Stan watched him with a worried frown, clearly uncomfortable to be in one of the Vaults that were always spoken of in a hushed tone. Stanford’s excitement was short lived however, the pair coming across strange pods that housed people, all of them looking as if they were asleep.
“Do you think we could release them from these stasis pods?’ Stanford questioned, checking the pods while Stan hacked into a nearby terminal. However, the pod next to the terminal stopped hi
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Overprotective Much? (Wendy and Stanford) (3)
Stanford never did care for his teenage years. They reminded him nothing but of the accident that had ruined the subsequent 40 years of both his and Stanley’s lives. As such he didn’t care much for teenagers, save for the one who worked in the Mystery Shack’s gift shop. He enjoyed her cool demeanor and go-getting attitude, and there were times they enjoyed each other’s company without so much as saying a word to each other.
Hence his reaction one late night.
Stanford came across Wendy cornered in an alleyway, his imaginative hackles raised, his footsteps announcing his presence. Three men who were obviously tourists had cornered Wendy against the back of the alley, the teen obviously trying to acting calm but was clearly uncomfortable, looking away from Stanford.
“Hey get lost!” One of the men snapped, turning to face Stanford.
“I will certainly not.” Stanford replied, his tone deadly calm. “She is late getting home, her father is a
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Mirror Mirror (Pines Family)
When the twins received a rather heavy package from their grunkle’s in the mail one Tuesday morning, they were excited. While the silver mirror was certainly a surprise, the little note taped to the back had them grinning wildly.
”When the sun sets, look into the mirror and say the words “Show to me my heart’s desire.” Talk to ya later!”
Of course, with such a cryptic note the two were excited for that evening. Speaking the phrase almost the second the sun had gone down, the mirror began to glow, and soon the two grinning faces of their grunkle’s appeared on the smooth surface. Once it was explained that the innocent mirror was some sort of portal, the twins absolutely were astonished at the thought they could interact with the two elder men whenever they so wished. Sure, there were some restrictions, but being clever the two used the mini-portals to the fullest extent they could.
When the elder twins’ birthday came they were surpr
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Surprise Video (Ford and Stan Pines)
The video was black the first few seconds, the sounds of the ocean and distant seagulls the only discernable thing before suddenly something was moved and the scene revealed Stanley Pines. The man was grinning, glasses flashing to reflect the grey sky that shone in the background of the video.
“Hehe, he’s gonna love this.” The man chuckled mischievously, the video jostling as he turned the camera to show a man sitting at a desk a few feet away. The twin had his eyebrows furrowed in concentration, fingers gliding over papers as he examined some readings they had taken from the water hours previous. “Aha! Hey Ford! What do you call a discount nerd?” The man sighed, refusing to meet his brothers gaze as he continued to study the papers.
“If I ask ‘what’, will you let me keep working?” He sighed in exasperation, looking up when Stanley snickered.
“Yea sure.”
“Fine, what do you call it?” Stan couldn’t hold b
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Flashbacks (Pines Family)
They found the video deep in the basement, questioning their Grunkle Ford if he ever remembered recording anything. They felt excitement when he shook his head, begging them to set up the necessary equipment so they could watch the odd film. When it began, the only sound was Ford tapping his six fingers on a desk, face obscured as sound of nails hitting wood echoed throughout what looked like his old lab.
”Hiya Fordsy~” The voice the resounded from the film sent chills down everyone’s spines as Ford lifted his head, yellow eyes staring directly at the camera. The fingers continued to tap against the desk, narrowed pupils seemingly looking at each person watching the film. ”Figured I would mess around with your stuff, and I found this nifty little recording device!” The Cheshire grin on his face turned more twisted when Bill revealed a knife being held in Ford’s right hand. Before the twins could look away Bill plunged the knife into For
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Double Lives (Stan and Ford Pines) (Fallout AU)(3)
”LET ME GO YOU BASTARD! I AM AN AMERICAN CITIZEN AND YOU CANNOT KEEP ME LOCKED UP HERE!” Stanley Pines grunted as he struggled on the cot he was bound to, the room empty and securely locked from the outside. Outside of the room sat a lone figure, different pieces of circuitry and various other pieces of technology scattered around his feet. The man looked exhausted, dark rungs around his eyes as his nimble fingers worked on the circuits, seemingly looking for something. The piece was tossed aside when a faint trail of smoke soon rose from it, the man sighing as he rubbed at his eyes. ”LET ME OUT!”
“I wish I could…” The man muttered, his saddened gaze transfixed on the floor. His name was Stanford Pines, and he had been forced to keep the synth in the room behind him locked up for two weeks now. They had been attacked by Raider’s on their way back to town, and Stanley had suffered a nasty blow to the head during their scuffle
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Blind Trust (Stan and Ford Pines) (2)
Stanford felt…lighter when he finally woke. The sounds in the room where not of loud beeping equipment that he had grown accustomed to, but of the soft sounds of a distant waterfall. He felt something on his hand, Stanford gathering as much strength as he could to open his eyes. The room was dark and blurry, but as Stanford slowly looked over to his hand, he could see someone was holding it. The hand was small, Stanford confused as he didn’t remember anyone other than Stanley going through the portal days before. Then again someone could have Stanford mused, his attention on his surroundings had been rather muted due to his deteriorating health.
“Stanford?” Blinking slowly, Stanford turned his attention up to his right, squinting to try and make out the person standing beside his bed. “Y-You’re awake!” It was Stanley, Ford was sure of it now, the exclamation a whisper as Stanley slowly set Ford’s glasses on his face. Closing his eyes for
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Hey guys! 

So, I want to start off by saying hello to everyone : ) 
I've had an incredibly busy time lately, starting my last semester of college and trying to set up a full-time job so I can get a break fro school, getting a car, ya know all that important adulting stuff. Anyways, I'm gonna have some free time tomorrow, and I was thinking of maybe streaming me writing a fanfiction Bill Emoticon . It will probably be Gravity Falls related, but if anyone wants to see me do something from another fandom like Rick and Morty, Batman, Transformers, Bioshock or anything else I've done in the past, I'd be willing to write a small thing for any requests. Though, if no one shows up or anything, I'll just work on a fic that I've been writing during my breaks T_T

Anyhoo, I'll be starting most likely around 11:30 pm EST on 9/22/17 (or today since its late ssh), and going till I get tired most likely. I'll post on here when I'm about to start, so until then goodnight everyone, and hopefully I'll be seeing some of you tomorrow : )

LINK -->
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Hello, my name is TransformersG1fan217, and this is my lovely deviantart page!

I'll mostly post things like my fan-fictions (since I have no talent for any other sort of art whatsoever) or pictures of the cosplay that I have started to do over the last two years!

I have also found out the password to a tumblr account I made back in high school, and shall leave a link here if you are interested. I may start posting there too, I'm not too sure yet myself ^^

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Archiveofourown -->…



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