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June 2, 2013
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The constant beep of machinery was the only sound in the hospital room, a stark reminder of why Italy was there. Romano lie, hooked up to various tubes, the only things on his almost unblemished body.

Romano had been found several months back, bleeding out and beaten, dumped in an alley way. He was now healed, but still lie in his coma, unresponsive to the outside world. Sighing sadly, Italy stood, stretching as he walked out, going to get food. He was only gone for twenty minutes, but when he returned, he heard terrified screaming, and doctors and nurses were swarming into Romano’s room.

Pushing past them, Italy saw his brother screaming, wide eyed in terror as he struggled to get free, and whimpering when a nurse clamped their hand over his mouth.

‘Get-a off him!’ Italy shouted, pushing past the various doctors, to his brother’s side.

‘Roma? Roma, can you hear me?’ Italy motioned the doctor’s to leave, waiting until they left to look at his brother. Romano stared at the door, whimpering in terror. Italy frowned, Romano was never this scared.

‘Roma?’ Romano squeaked, looking at Italy, before trying to crawl back, falling off the bed with a yelp. ’Roma!’ Italy scrambled around the bed, reaching out to Romano, who curled into a ball.

’P-Pwease don’t huwt me!’ Romano whimpered, hiding his face with his hands. Italy crouched down next to him, holding his arms out, waiting for Romano to uncurl from his ball.

‘I won’t-a hurt you.’ He cooed, watching as Romano froze, swallowing thickly, before crawling forward, grasping at his brother exactly like a child would. Italy held Romano close, noting France outside the room, waiting patiently for Romano to calm down, falling back asleep after Italy sang to him, laying him back on the bed.

‘He ‘az regressed to chi’dhood. Interesting.’ France remarked, checking over the elder Italian, before looking at his chart, frowning. Romano had been moved to France’s hospital, where the staff knew they were not exactly human. Italy looked at France, wide eyed, not quite believing the Frenchman.

‘e haz head trauma. Zhat iz probably ‘hy.’ France explained, touching the top of Romano’s head.

‘What will happen to fratello?’ Italy asked, holding on of Romano’s hands in his own. France sighed.

‘well, ‘e will ztay h’re, and we w’ll watch him.’ Italy frowned, looking down at Romano, who whimpered in his sleep.

‘No, I will-a watch him.’ Italy spoke up, looking at France. France smiled, patting the younger Italian on the back, leaving the room quietly. Italy looked down at his brother, anger welling up inside him, cursing whoever had harmed his brother. Settling next to his bed, Italy sat back, watching his unconscious form.

~~~~~~~skip a few hours~~~~~~~

His heart pacing, Romano opened his eyes, looking around. He wasn’t in the white room anymore, now he was in a brown room. Romano liked this room much better, it didn’t smell weird, and didn’t have people trying to hurt him.

Sitting up, Romano yawned, crouching when the door opened, revealing the nice man from yesterday. The man smiled, crouching down to Romano’s level, holding out a bowl of noodles.

‘Ve, hello! How-a do you feel?’ He asked, watching as Romano took the bowl. Whatever it was smelled great, and Romano polished the bowl off in minutes. It tasted….familiar, but he couldn’t place it. Placing the bowl down, Romano sat, watching the nice man put the bowl away, returning moments later.

‘What’s your name?’ Romano asked quietly, shuffling back a little bit. The nice man smiled, sitting down where he was.

‘I’m-a Feli!’ He smiled, looking at Romano, who looked down.

‘I’m Womano!’ he said proudly, giggling to himself. Feli chuckled, looking at Romano endearingly. Seeing his fratello so happy, it was just so, pleasant, and it just made Italy smile.
So, I am roleplaying with :iconryoubakura22:, and this happens to Romano. So, I decided to make a story, but not the rp, a different story line/arc/whatever.
They are not lovers in this, sorry to disappoint. I do not own the characters.
So enjoy, or run, or whatever~!
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