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May 5, 2013
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Iggy was a cat! He has to be, I mean come on! Whenever someone has tuna, he flips out, he hates dogs more than I think he hates France, and gets real funny around laser pointers. I know I’m right, and I’m gonna prove it!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Page Break~~~~~~~~~
Grinning to himself, America quietly climbed in thru an open window, making his way down a hall, entering into a spacious kitchen. Finding a dark corner, America sat down, waiting for the houses’ occupant to arise. America was finally going to prove, well, to himself and England, that the ex-empire was a cat, or half-cat. The superpower wasn’t exactly sure, but he more than had his suspicions. Sooner than he had expected, the sun rose, as did England, a small thump resounding throughout the house as he made his way down a large staircase, padding to the kitchen. Ocean-blue eyes widened in awe, as England passed them, oblivious of the shocked nation in the corner. Atop England’s head, were two dirty-blonde cat ears, a shade darker than the Brit’s hair, sitting straight up, alert for any sounds.

A similarly coloured tail swished back and forth slowly, curling around a chair to pull it out, as England sat down. For several minutes, America sat; stunned that he had been right, for once. Since England sat facing away from him, America quietly walked up behind England, before hugging him, letting out what could only be described as, a fan-girl squeal.

‘Get off of me, you git!’ England shouted, struggling to free himself from the American’s grasp.

‘Ah, nope! I can’t believe I was right!’ England’s struggles died down, and he turned his head, looking at America curiously, a blush colouring his cheeks.

‘W-What the hell do you mean?’ The Brit demanded, crossing his arms in front of his chest as he watched America sit across from him. America grinned, causing England to scowl, raising his eyebrow, awaiting his explanation.

‘Dude, how does no one else know? It’s so freakin obvious! The fish, the dogs, the laser pointer.’ At the last America snickered, and England glared at the younger nation.

‘I should have guessed that was you.’ He muttered, ignoring America’s laughter, in favour of pouring himself more tea. Before he could turn around, America had begun to pet his ears, having followed the elder nation. A deep purr escaped his throat, and instinctively England stepped forwards, leaning against the broad chest, while nuzzling the American’s hand. It was America’s turn to blush, and in fear of angering the island nation, America continued to pet the nation, enjoying the intimacy of England’s proximity. They stood for a few minutes, before England shook his head, seemingly coming to his senses, and pushed America away, stalking past him into the next room.

‘G-Go home America!’ England shouted, pointing to the door vehemently, glaring at the younger nation.

‘Uh, no, and where are your ears and tail?’ They had vanished, and England flushed, turning away from the younger. America discarded his coat, laying it on a nearby chair, before walking over to England, smiling fondly as he cupped the elders face.

‘Come on, don’t hide them. Please?’ England flushed darker, looking at the floor, before mumbling,

‘Fine. B-But not for you, I’m doing it because it is uncomfortable, you got it?’ America chuckled, but nodded, smiling when the appendages reappeared, reaching out to pet the ears again. England shook his head, glaring when America tried again, nimbly jumping onto a nearby sofa. Grinning, America gently tackled the Brit, pinning the nation beneath him, gripping his wrists, effectively cutting off any means of escape. Britain mewled in frustration, and America mentally squealed, releasing one hand, using his hand to stroke England’s tail. The nation immediately fell quiet, and America stopped, thinking he had hurt the elder nation. That thought quickly disappeared when Britain kissed him passionately, arching his hips up, grinding against America. Caught by surprise, America’s grip loosened, and England jerked, causing them to roll off of the sofa, America hitting the ground with a grunt. Sitting up, England gazed down at America, his emerald eyes shining with lust. America flushed, squirming uncomfortably under the nations gaze, looking everywhere but England. Even though the two nations had been in a relationship for the last several years, they had never gone further than kissing, either never having the time, or stopping at America’s subtle hints.

‘Now, now, Little America,’ Britain purred, grinding his hips against America’s once again, a loud moan escaping the superpower, ‘I have to punish you.’ America gulped, as his shirt suddenly disappeared, his nipples perking in the cool air. Britain grinned, and closed his mouth around the left nipple, swirling his tongue around the flesh, whilst pinching the other between his fingers. Being assaulted by new sensations of pleasure, America whined when Britain pulled away, glaring at him thru half-lidded eyes. ‘Oh, there’s going to be so much more.’ Britain purred, the rest of America’s clothes vanishing with a snap of his fingers. Feeling immensely self-conscious, America blushed, closing his legs to try hiding his member. Britain paused, chastely kissing the American, cupping his face so they were looking at each other.

‘I do not have to continue, if that is what you wish.’ America shook his head, glancing at Britain nervously.

‘N-No, I want this, you. I-I’m just, nervous.’ Britain smiled, kissing America passionately, gently pushing him back to the ground. Removing his own clothes, Britain slid down between America’s thigh’s, pausing to look at America’s hard member, before taking it into his mouth. America hissed, tangling his hands in Britain’s hair, moaning as Britain teased the tip with his mouth, humming when he could taste beads of pre-cum. The vibrations traveled up America’s dick, nearly throwing the nation into his orgasm, his vision tinting white. Britain grinned, bobbing his head up and down, letting his sharper teeth gently scrape against the throbbing flesh, proving too much for America. With a shout, he released into Britain’s mouth, his seed filling the elder’s mouth, who drank it all, licking his lips when he removed his mouth. America, panting heavily, felt himself hardening once more, as he watched Britain lick his lips, looking at America predatorily. With sudden confidence, America grabbed Britain’s tail, a loud mewl coming from the Brit, who glared at America, who knew he was screwed.

‘What a bad little nation.’ Grabbing America’s member, Britain squeezed it, grinning as America shouted in pleasure, clawing at the floor as he arched upwards. Grabbing America’s hips, Britain turned the American onto his stomach, coating his fingers in pre-cum. Gritting his teeth, he stuck one into America’s entrance, flinching when the younger cried out, grabbing at the legs of a table in front of him, whimpering as Britain moved the finger.

‘I know it hurts lad, I know. It will stop soon, I promise.’ America nodded, whimpering when Britain stuck the second in, clenching when he began to scissor them, before quickly adding  the third, wriggling them until he felt America was loose enough. Not wanting to waste any time, Britain flipped America back onto his back, kissing the American as he pushed his member in. America’s screams were muffled by Britain, tears streaming down his face to the immense pain he felt shooting throughout his entire body. Pausing to let America adjust to his member, Britain leant forward, kissing away America’s tears, until America nodded, signaling he was ready. His thrust started slowly, trying to spare his lover pain, while simultaneously pumping America’s member, keeping both in rhythm. Pleasure soon overpowered the pain, and America found himself wanting Britain to go faster.

‘I-I…ggy!.....f……faster!!!’ Britain grinned, and began to thrust quicker, using his tail to pump America’s cock, putting his hands above America’s head. A coiled feeling began to grow in the pit of both their stomachs, and pleasure overtook their senses as Britain thrust quicker and quicker.

‘I….Iggy……I’m……I……g…gonna!’ America grunted, his nails digging into the Englishman’s back as he grabbed him for support. ‘I..…..ARTHUR!!!’ America screamed, his vision exploding into whiteness as he came. His seed splattered against their stomachs and Britain’s tail, turning the fur a pale white, and his arms slackened, falling back onto the floor as he rode out the waves of his orgasm. Britain grunted, but continued to thrust, his own climax arriving quickly.

‘A….ALFRED!!!’ The neko nation shouted, his seed releasing deep inside of America, falling atop of him as the waves of his orgasm washed over him. Pulling out with a grunt, Britain sat beside America, the two lying/sitting in silence as their orgasm’s faded.

‘That was……amazing!’ America announced, sitting up, but stopping, as pain shot thru the entire bottom of his back. Britain chuckled, leaning to kiss America, who groaned, falling back onto the floor with a thud.

‘I don’t think I’m up for another round.’ America groaned, causing Britain to laugh, shaking his head.

‘I was going to say I love you, git.’ America turned his head, grinning at the older nation.

‘I love ya too! You are all mine, my own neko.’ Britain blushed, his tail swishing shyly behind him as he crawled over to the American, cuddling up to the American, and the two drifted off to sleep.
Here is a UkUs lemon!
Do enjoy, or run in fear, your choice! :iconfrenchwhineplz: :iconenglandumadplz:

I do not own the characters, unfortunately :p
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WifeOfLithuaniasSis Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  New member
Emilija: *Walks in reads the story turns around and walks out*
Like totally amazing work! Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] 
TransformersG1fan271 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
I'm glad you liked it ^^
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Two words, Hot. Damn.
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italyisadolphin Featured By Owner Edited Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
And Japan and Hungary were outside with cameras and massive nosebleeds.....

Amazing UKUS. I usually see USUK. Thank you for making this amazingness!!!!!
XD I agree
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I love an uke Iggy but damn is he an amazing and sexy seme~ He can totally have me any day. X3
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