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April 30, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Pulling up to Felix’s flat, Cry grabbed his bags, quietly entering the flat, which was quiet.

‘Pewdie? Cry called out, dropping his bags by the door. When he received no answer, Cry decided to look around, peering into each empty room, until he reached the bedroom. Stepping inside, Cry was instantly ambushed, pulled into a passionate kiss, while the door was kicked shut. He grunted as he was slammed against the door, tangling his hands in Felix’s hair, all but shoving his tongue into Felix’s mouth. A fierce, but very short, tongue battle was initiated, and the American let Felix win, wanting to taste the Swede. Spying the bed from the corner of his eye, Cry pushed off the wall, the two tumbling onto the bed in a tangle of limbs, which were quickly being shed of clothes. Pinning Felix to the mattress, Cry licked his lips, before attacking Felix’s neck, leaving love bites up and down the flesh, reveling at the moans and whines that escaped from Pewdie.

‘I-I…was……do this!’ He grunted, biting back pleasured moans, but failing spectacularly, when Cry found a sweet spot, biting and licking the spot over and over, grinning at the sounds it caused.

‘Oh? Is that so?’ The American purred, sky-blue eyes trained on the Swede, twinkling mischievously. Felix glared, gasping when Cry grabbed his member,  whimper escaping his lips. Cry grinned, before sliding down, placing his head between Felix’s legs. In a burst of self-consciousness, Felix blushed and tried to close his legs, but was stopped by Cry, who held them open, looking up at the Norwegian.

‘You have nothing to be ashamed of,’ he purred, chastely kissing Felix,’ you are beautiful.’ Felix flushed darker, and Cry laughed, kissing him once more, before looking at the Swede’s member. Let’s just say, it was, more than adequate. Shaking off the perverse fantasies, Cry leant down, and easily took the throbbing member into his mouth, and swirled his tongue around the flesh. Being a virgin, Felix had never been pleasured in such a way, and immediately cried out, bucking his hips up. Cry chuckled, the vibrations sending waves of pleasure throughout Felix’s body, his vision turning white as he climaxed. His seed spilled deep into Cry’s mouth, who lapped it up greedily, before pulling away, grinning as Felix slowly returned, face cherry red as he panted heavily.

‘T-That was…som var jävla fantastiskt..’ Cry grinned, getting the jest of what the European had said, before looking over the Swede, frowning a little. They had no lube, and Cry refused to hurt Felix, no matter how much he want to fuck the European into oblivion. Glancing around the room, he noted a bottle of skin moisturizer. Well, it was better than nothing, he thought to himself as he quickly grabbed the bottle, pouring a copious amount on three of his fingers, before turning to the Swede.

‘This is going to hurt, but I promise only for a short time.’ Felix nodded, hissing moments later when Cry stuck a finger in, clenching his muscles involuntarily. ‘You need to relax.’ Cry cooed as he wiggled his finger, grimacing at how tight the Norwegian was. Kissing away the tears streaming down Pewdie’s cheeks, Cry stuck a second finger in, slowly scissoring them back and forth. Pewdie cried out in pain, clutching the mattress beneath him tightly, face contorted in pain.

‘I know it hurts, but it will stop soon, I promise.’ Felix nodded and Cry kissed him, while sticking the third finger in, wriggling them around, until he felt Pewdie was lose enough. Pulling them out with a soft schlick sound, Cry coated his dick with the moisturizer, before kissing Pewdie, his face serious.

‘This is going to be the worst part.’ Felix opened his eyes, tangling his hands in Cry’s hair, before yanking him forward, his eyes smoldering as he looked into Cry’s eyes.

‘I vant you in me, now!’ The Norwegian shouted, kissing the American passionately, as if cementing the point. Cry grinned. Who was he to deny his lover? Positioning himself, Cry slowly entered Pewdie, his nails digging into Cry’s back as hit bit back a yelp of pain. Letting Pewdie adjust, Cry began to thrust at a slow pace, intent on sparing his lover pain. Growling, Pewdie arched upwards, hissing in a combination of pleasure and pain, as the hard flesh drove deeper into his body, hitting his prostrate. Vision tinting white in pleasure, Pewdie arched back as he let out a yell, large scratches going up Cry’s back. Getting the message, Cry began to thrust faster, angling so that he was hitting the Swede’s prostrate with each thrust. A coiled sensation began to grow tighter and tighter in the pit of Felix’s stomach, and he knew he was once more close to his climax.

‘Cry...I….I’m……. CRY!!!’ With a shout of the American’s name Felix came. Pearly white seed spattered across the two males stomachs, and Felix felt his arms loosen, falling back against the mattress in exhaustion. Cry grinned, his thrusts becoming ragged as he felt his own climax approach.

‘PEWDIE!!!!!’ The American shouted, his hot seed releasing deep inside the Norwegian. With effort, he pulled out, flopping next to Pewdie, who mewled as he curled closer. Quickly wiping themselves off with a piece of clothing, Cry covered them with a sheet, smiling as Felix curled close to him, wrapping him in a lose embrace.

‘I love you.’ Cry mumbled, pressing a kiss on the top of Felix’s head, before closing his eyes, drifting off to sleep.

‘Jag älskar dig.’ The Swede responded, before following his lover into the land of unconsciousness.
Here's another part of Lost Tourist.
Should I continue? :iconiggybrowsplz:
Anyway, do enjoy!
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