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May 9, 2013
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‘Then you will make love together!’ Both men fell silent, one a bright red, the other grinning perversely, while Mariza laughed, grabbing her video camera, walking up the stairs. Watching Mariza leave open mouthed, Pewdie squeaked when he looked back at the screen, where bright blue eyes were staring at him.

‘So, when do ya get here?’

‘We are very sorry for the delay. We will be arriving in the United States in—‘Ignoring the flight attendant, Pewdie tapped his foot impatiently, watching as the aeroplane ascended, Sweden disappearing beneath the clouds. Settling back nervously against his chair, Pewdie allowed himself to fall into an uneasy sleep, being awaken several hours later by the flight attendant, who informed him of their landing. Once he was off the aeroplane, Pewdie almost forgot his bags in the rush to leave, hailing a cab and on his way minutes later.

‘We’re here!’ The cabbie called out gruffly, raising an eyebrow when Pewdie jumped out of the car, handing him money, before dashing inside a flat complex, nearly running into some people on the way in. Knocking on the faded oak door in front of him, Pewdie blushed, thinking of why he was all the way across the world. Hearing the door being unlocked, the Swede shook his head, eager to finally see his friends (?) face. No such luck, for the American had his famous mask on, chuckling at Pewdie’s pout, motioning him inside. Once the door was shut, Ryan pulled the Swede into a kiss, grinning as he squeaked in confusion, moaning seconds later as Cry palmed his crotch, pressing down on his hardening erection.

‘Oh, someone’s excited~’ The American purred, his voice sending shivers down Pewdie’s back, moaning as they kissed again, hands roaming as they tore off clothes, desperate to feel the touch of each other’s skin against themselves.

Somehow making their way towards Cry’s bedroom, they collapsed on top of the bed, Pewdie blushing as Cry straddled him, licking his lips.

‘Vänta! jag vill to see your face.’ Pewdie panted, ignoring his twitching member, keeping his eyes focused on the eyeholes in Cry’s mask. It was now the American’s turn to fidget, looking to the side as he rubbed the back of his neck, looking back up at the Swede.

‘Uh, s-sure.’ With shaky hands, Cry grasped the sides of his mask, before slowly lifting it up, screwing his eyes shut. Pewdiepie gasped, reaching up to caress Cry’s face, or more specifically, the thin scar that ran from the top of his forehead, down to his chin, crossing his right eye in the process. Cry opened his eyes, smirking at the drool that ran down his lovers (?) face, and leaned forwards, kissing him passionately, arousal flaring when Pewdie kissed back harder, his hand traveling down to rest on Cry’s bum, giving it a squeeze. Grinning, Cry raised his knee, pressing it against Pewdie’s hard member, chuckling at the Swede’s blush and squeak. Now naked and resembling a tomato, Pewdie instinctively closed his legs, his sudden confidence fading. Tsking, Cry easily spread them, bright blue eyes staring on the Swede’s impressive length hungrily. Taking in as much into his mouth as he could, Cry began to suck, pumping what he couldn’t almost in rhythm. Arching, Felix cried out in pleasure, tangling his hands in dark-brunette hair, desperate for anything to hold onto.

Removing one hand, Cry used his right hand to massage the Swede’s ball-sacks, relishing Pewdie’s half-screams, unsure of how to react to this new pleasure to his body. A strange, almost coiled sensation, began to grow in the pit of his stomach, and grew tighter and tighter, until it seemed to explode, his vision turning white as he shouted, coming deep into Cry’s mouth. Easily swallowing the seed, Cry sat up, enjoying the sight of a flushed Pewdie, panting as he came down from his pleasure high, sweat trickling down his body. His member twitched painfully, and the American shook his head, reaching over the Swede to his nightstand, fumbling in the drawer, before pulling out a bottle of lube.

‘W-What is that?’ Cry stared, not exactly believing the Swede, who stared at the bottle suspiciously.

‘Uh, it’s lube, duh.’ Pewdie uttered a quiet ‘oh’, looking at the ground in embarrassment.  Cry laughed, discreetly covering his fingers, distracting Pewdie with a kiss. He knew how painful it was going to be, and with a jerk, he stuck one finger insides Pewdie’s arse, his kiss making the yelp a hushed squeak. Parting for air, the second went in, causing Pewdie to whimper, tightening his thighs, causing Cry to hiss.

‘Y-You need to relax, bro.’ he grunted, lying the Swede down, adding the third, and wriggling his fingers, grateful that the Swede was not as tight as before.

Pulling his fingers out, Cry quickly coated himself, positioning himself, before leaning down, his lips next to Pewdie’s ears.

‘Are you ready?’ Pewdie nodded, gasping moments later, his nails drawing blood from Cry’s back, and he bit back his cries of pain. It was like nothing he had ever experienced, and he was ready to have Cry pull out, before the pain was replaced with waves of pleasure. Moving his hips experimentally, the backlash of pleasure nearly causing him to orgasm, instead grasping tighter, giving Cry an unspoken signal. He began to thrust in and out, keeping a slow pace, afraid of harming his lover further than he had already. Pewdie pie was not a patient man, and he soon grew tired of the slow pace, and shifted his hips, whining in displeasure. Grateful that the Swede wanted him to move faster, he quickly did, building a pleasant friction between them. The coiled feeling returned, and now that he knew what it was, Pewdie was excited, rocking his hips to Cry’s rhythm, moans and pants spilling from their mouths.

‘C…..C-Cr…..RYAN!!!’ Pew die shrieked at last, coming all over their stomachs, still clinging to Cry, even though his vision was pure white. Gritting his teeth, Cry continued to thrust, feeling his own climax creep closer and closer. Kissing Pewdie, Cry felt himself come, his moan muffled by the kiss, and he pulled out, collapsing next to the Swede, who stared at him, awestruck.
‘That was the best thing that has ever happened to me.’ He murmured drowsily, the jetlag and pleasure high sapping his remaining strength. Cry chuckled, lying on his side, running a hand thru Pewdie’s hair, chuckling quietly.

‘Well, there will be plenty more.’ Pewdie snorted, a smirk crossing his face as he opened an eye.

‘Ja, there will.’ He yawned, before passing out cold.

Cry chuckled. Challenge accepted.
Here is part two some people were asking for! :iconfacepalmplz:

I know it is weird, I always write out my fan-fictions before typing them, but this time I skipped that, so to me it came out really weird. But do enjoy! Or run, you can do that too.
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i love pewdiecry, and it was my first lemon in my live! take responsibilityThe Monkey With the Nosebleed  
XD great job!
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Irelyne Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014  Professional Artist
Tooo much detail in here XD. Dont get me wrong I love it.
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