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Surprise Video (Ford and Stan Pines)
The video was black the first few seconds, the sounds of the ocean and distant seagulls the only discernable thing before suddenly something was moved and the scene revealed Stanley Pines. The man was grinning, glasses flashing to reflect the grey sky that shone in the background of the video.
“Hehe, he’s gonna love this.” The man chuckled mischievously, the video jostling as he turned the camera to show a man sitting at a desk a few feet away. The twin had his eyebrows furrowed in concentration, fingers gliding over papers as he examined some readings they had taken from the water hours previous. “Aha! Hey Ford! What do you call a discount nerd?” The man sighed, refusing to meet his brothers gaze as he continued to study the papers.
“If I ask ‘what’, will you let me keep working?” He sighed in exasperation, looking up when Stanley snickered.
“Yea sure.”
“Fine, what do you call it?” Stan couldn’t hold b
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Flashbacks (Pines Family)
They found the video deep in the basement, questioning their Grunkle Ford if he ever remembered recording anything. They felt excitement when he shook his head, begging them to set up the necessary equipment so they could watch the odd film. When it began, the only sound was Ford tapping his six fingers on a desk, face obscured as sound of nails hitting wood echoed throughout what looked like his old lab.
”Hiya Fordsy~” The voice the resounded from the film sent chills down everyone’s spines as Ford lifted his head, yellow eyes staring directly at the camera. The fingers continued to tap against the desk, narrowed pupils seemingly looking at each person watching the film. ”Figured I would mess around with your stuff, and I found this nifty little recording device!” The Cheshire grin on his face turned more twisted when Bill revealed a knife being held in Ford’s right hand. Before the twins could look away Bill plunged the knife into For
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Double Lives (Stan and Ford Pines) (Fallout AU)(3)
”LET ME GO YOU BASTARD! I AM AN AMERICAN CITIZEN AND YOU CANNOT KEEP ME LOCKED UP HERE!” Stanley Pines grunted as he struggled on the cot he was bound to, the room empty and securely locked from the outside. Outside of the room sat a lone figure, different pieces of circuitry and various other pieces of technology scattered around his feet. The man looked exhausted, dark rungs around his eyes as his nimble fingers worked on the circuits, seemingly looking for something. The piece was tossed aside when a faint trail of smoke soon rose from it, the man sighing as he rubbed at his eyes. ”LET ME OUT!”
“I wish I could…” The man muttered, his saddened gaze transfixed on the floor. His name was Stanford Pines, and he had been forced to keep the synth in the room behind him locked up for two weeks now. They had been attacked by Raider’s on their way back to town, and Stanley had suffered a nasty blow to the head during their scuffle
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Blind Trust (Stan and Ford Pines) (2)
Stanford felt…lighter when he finally woke. The sounds in the room where not of loud beeping equipment that he had grown accustomed to, but of the soft sounds of a distant waterfall. He felt something on his hand, Stanford gathering as much strength as he could to open his eyes. The room was dark and blurry, but as Stanford slowly looked over to his hand, he could see someone was holding it. The hand was small, Stanford confused as he didn’t remember anyone other than Stanley going through the portal days before. Then again someone could have Stanford mused, his attention on his surroundings had been rather muted due to his deteriorating health.
“Stanford?” Blinking slowly, Stanford turned his attention up to his right, squinting to try and make out the person standing beside his bed. “Y-You’re awake!” It was Stanley, Ford was sure of it now, the exclamation a whisper as Stanley slowly set Ford’s glasses on his face. Closing his eyes for
:icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 4 3
Overprotective Much? (Ford x Fiddleford) (2)
“Get out of here you hillbilly freak!” The sound of a broom clattering against something that was human caught the interest of a passing Stanford Pines. Peering around a corner, the man frowned at the scene before him. A man was crouched on the ground, white beard slowly turning brown as the man was forced against the muddy ground, the shopkeeper still yelling rather unsavory things at the man before him. Big brown eyes fearfully looked up, locking onto Stanford’s navy ones as if pleading for help. “I told you to leave!” The man raised the broom clutched in his hand once again, only the wood never contacted the man.
“Drop that right now.” The shopkeeper gulped. A very tall and angry man stood beside him, six-fingered hand curled around his wrist so hard the broom fell with a clatter. “Go back inside, lest I lose my temper.”
“U-Uh sure thing…” The man stammered, quickly retreating into his shop. Stanford scowled bef
:icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 4 9
Blind Trust (Stan and Ford Pines) (1)
Stanley sighed as he paced back and forth, a motion he had done a hundred times. The glittering purple sand under his feet shone in the presence of two dull colored moons, the beauty of it lost upon the older man. His thoughts were on the two people behind the locked down beside him, Stanley pausing to place a hand on the smooth wooden surface. There was nothing but silence, Stanley sighing as he idly gazed where his hand had been, the wood now glowing red from the touch. It had been, two days?, since the strange alien woman had taken his brother into the room, stating when she finished Stanford would regain his health.  
Regain his health, what a novel thought to Stanley.
The last several months had been…hard. It pained Stanley to think of how his twin went from the confident traveler whom had seen and dealt with things some could only dream of, to a bedridden shell of what he had once been. Every day had been misery for both parties, one at a loss of how to help the man he
:icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 5 7
Double Lives (Stan and Ford Pines) (Fallout AU)(2)
”STANFORD WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” Stanley watched with widened yellow optics as the traveler sprinted rapidly towards him in the distance. What was highly concerning was the large creature following him with a loud roar, the synth grabbing the most powerful gun he had on him as Stanford drew closer. Stanford ducked when the creature swiped at him, researcher aiming the weapon he had been fiddling with while running and firing, electricity arcing in the air when he fired. Stanley darted forward when the beast collapsed forward, hoping that Stanford wasn’t under the massive and heavy beast as he skid to a stop before it.
“Well that was rather interesting…” A familiar voice hummed from Stanley’s left, the synth sighing in relief when Stanford crawled out from under the deathclaw’s left arm. His hair was fluffed up and sticking out in all directions, a wild grin on his face as he glanced at the slightly smoking gun with a frown.
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Strange Friendship (Ford and Gideon)
“Will just go away? Mabel still doesn’t like you!”
“I just wanna talk to her boy, so you best get out of my way!”
“You come any closer and I’ll get Grunkle Stan!”
“Y-You wouldn’t dare!”
The bickering outside drew Stanford Pines’ attention, the researcher curiously leaving his study to investigate. Dipper was standing on the porch, arms crossed as he glared at a figure standing in the parking lot. The figure was a small child, looking no older than 10 or 11 years old, but carried himself as someone who was much older.
“Is everything quite alright out here?” Stanford questioned, both boys glancing over with Dipper smiling and the other boy still scowling.
“Yea, we’re fine Grunkle Ford, Gideon was just leaving.”
“I most certainly am not! And you still don’t scare me Stanferd Pines!” The boy scowled, Stanford tilting his head in confusion.
“I assure you child I have
:icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 4 8
Unseen ( Ford and Bipper)
It all just happened so quickly.
Dipper and Ford had gone out to explore a part of the forest the researcher hadn’t been to in years, Dipper smiling and laughing as his uncle told tales of his many escapades. After a long day the two settled down to make camp, Dipper so innocently asking for a hug his grunkle was all too happy to give. The older man smiled as he embraced his grandnephew, unaware of what was about to happen. The smile on Dipper’s face turned maniacal, eyes shining yellow as the child produced a large carving knife and drove it into his grunkle’s back with a laugh. The man stiffened before his body went lax against the giggling child, who pushed Ford onto the ground with a laugh that was all too familiar. Blue eyes were dulled as the demon possessing Dipper seemingly just vanished, the young teen confused before he looked down.
His anguished scream and sobs could be heard throughout the forest.
:icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 4 15
Double Lives (Stan and Ford Pines) (Fallout AU)(1)
This world was so… well fascinating was one word that came to Stanford Pines’ mind. It was almost exactly like his, aside from the massive nuclear annihilation that seemed to occur due to some big War everyone spoke of. The creatures he came across filled many pages in the journal that never ended, the weaponry something he constantly tinkered with whenever he came upon settlements. He hadn’t focused on the people much, until he came across a large settlement named Gravity Falls. They seemed to include many, Stanford feeling right at home. At first he thought of only staying for a few days, but days turned into a week, then almost a month. Not that he was complaining, Stanford rather enjoyed staying in on place, even if the land was inhospitable most of the time regardless.
But this all changed when he came across someone…painfully familiar, said someone currently sitting beside the researcher.
“Ya know, if ya mess up my hand…” The voice had a
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Rescued (Stan and Ford Pines) (3) :icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 6 3
Surprise Hug (Ford and Mabel Pines)
Mabel was thirsty.
The 12-year old sat up from her bed, Waddles sliding off her stomach with a confused oink to land in her crossed legs.
“Sorry Waddles! I just need to go get some Mabel Juice.” She explained to the pig, who only oinked again and settled on top of her pillow when the excitable child jumped off her bed and left the bedroom. Skipping her way down the stairs Mabel paused when she heard the creak of the vending machine, poking her head into the gift shop to see her second grunkle exiting from behind the machine, a poorly hidden yawn leaving the man. He looked exhausted, Mabel puffing out her cheeks in thought before an idea struck her, a grin on her face as she skipped over to Ford. It was lucky for her he was tired, tuned ears picking up the footsteps moments before small arms wrapped around the top of his right leg, the man recoiling from the touch with arms raised before he realized it was Mabel.
“You looked like you needed a surprise hug Grunkle Ford.
:icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 8 5
Sounds From The Past (Sole Survivor)
Hancock was tough, had to grow up that way or you were deathclaw meat of the plaything of a Super Mutant. Sure, he could be downright cruel, even to those he respected and cared for, but he also knew when not to be. Right now, was one of those times. It had been a routine scavenge session, John Hancock fighting good-naturedly with Nick Valentine while Dogmeat scouted on ahead with the Sole Survivor, who grinned when the building she had picked out was completely empty.
“Free pickings boys!” She crowed, pulling out drawers and rummaging through desks with an excited grin. Her companions were less thrilled, Nick Valentine smoking a cig while watching the vault dweller with an amused look on his face. Hancock found a stash of chems and set about ‘testing’ them immediately, racked out on some chair near when looked like a light switch.
“Hey Sole, this outta help.” He grinned, flipping the switch in the somewhat dark room they had found thei
:icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 2 3
Scars (Dipper and Ford Pines)
It was a pretty lovely day, something that put both Stanford and his nephew in good spirits as they set out to go study the massive UFO buried under Gravity Falls. Camping gear was strapped to their backs, and after a long day of hiking the two set up camp a considerable distance from the entrance, chatting about this and that as they unpacked and pitched the tent.
“I can’t believe Grunkle Stan punched a siren! Man, I wish I could have seen that.” Dipper laughed, slipping off the light jacket he wore due to the heat. He realized this was a mistake before his jacket had hit the ground, his grunkle staring wide-eyed at the scars that ran up and down his pale arms.
“Dipper?” The 13-year old winced as he crossed his arms, the air full of tension as the innocent question hung in the air.
“I-It…it was…Bill.” He muttered quietly, glancing up from the ground when Ford kneeled beside him with a regretful look on his face. “I was trying
:icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 8 3
Touches (FiddAuthor)
Fiddleford McGucket had forgotten what it was to be touched, in a positive way at least. Since the loss of his sanity most of the townsfolk treated him like some sort of animal, hitting him with brooms, shovels, and whatever else they had within reach to drive the crazed hillbilly away. So, for the longest time Fiddleford went without physical (or any) comfort, and thus forgot how to react when someone would touch him.
“Aw hornswoggle!” This presented a problem, much like the one he found himself in now, McGucket biting his lip as he hustled his way further into the large manor he called home. He fervently hoped that Stanford wouldn’t come looking for him, as Fiddleford was filled with a lot of uncertainty at the moment, and didn’t want to slip into what he dubbed his “hillbilly freakout”, the man cursing slightly as he eventually wedged himself into a hallway closet. Once the doors were shut Fiddleford took deep breath, eyes trained on his right han
:icontransformersg1fan271:TransformersG1fan271 5 3
Fashion (FiddAuthor)
“Well, what do ya think?” The question was simple in and of itself, Fiddleford McGucket shyly holding his hat in his hands with a small smile on his face.
“Oh. My. Gosh!” Mabel squealed, her voice coming out even higher over the speakers McGucket had attached to his personal laptop, the inventor managing a small grin. “You totally rock that!”
“Kids right McGucket, like jeeze.” Stan Pines’ gruff voice cut in, Mabel giggling at the blush the spread across Fiddleford’s cheeks.
“I-It’s just some of my old stuff.” He shrugged, knowing his clothes were horrendously out of style but oddly enough he could still pull off the look. Sure, the flowery print shirt and bell-bottom jeans were slightly faded with time, but they hung off his lanky frame in just the way not even Mabel and Dipper could protest it.
“Still look like a hippy type though.” Stan continued, the inventor rubbing the back of his neck with a
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Mabel loves to sing. She absolutely will turn up the radio/phone/laptop/TV and belt out what is being played, mostly in the pop-tune range, her singing slightly off-key, but hey she’s still growing. Dipper always trys to talk her out of it, Stan grumbles and usually turns his hearing aid off until the nightmare is over, but not one of them thinks to turn off the objecting making said sound. Ford makes this mistake only once, but luckily enough the song was one he knew before his portal days, and thus the two sing along and dancing only to a beat they knew. Ford does not try this anymore, either placing on earplugs he retrieved in some odd dimension, or sometimes singing along if he knows the lyrics (which aren’t very often).


Dipper is not so outgoing about his singing. He likes to sing alone, usually in the shower or in a clearing in the woods when he knows he’s alone, and sometimes with the Multi-bear, their love of Abba erasing his anxiety for some strange reason. While his voice is still a bit high-pitched, Dipper can keep relatively on-key, and when his bashfulness in front of crowds doesn’t hamper him, the family likes to quietly listen to him sing, Mabel grinning away while Stan gives a nod of his head. The first time Ford heard him sing his standing ovation nearly gave Dipper a heart attack, prompting concern from the researcher who only stopped apologizing once Dipper explained to him his anxiety.


Stan doesn’t really sing... unless he’s in the car. He usually only listens to the same radio stations, cranking the volume in the car he loves so much when his favorite songs start playing, grinning to the kids that “they’re a good classic and you’re gonna know them all by the end of the summer I swear or my name isn’t Stan Pines”. The windows were always rolled down as he belted the lyrics out in sync and sounding almost like the singers except for the slight rasp to his voice, a wild grin on his face as he sang away without a care. Ford didn’t seem too put off by this, sometimes joining in when he recognized a song and the duo often caused amusement whenever they drove around town singing together.


Ford…well Ford is a bit like Dipper. When he first returned home, Mabel had tried to introduce him to all the different styles of music that had come since his disappearance, but the culture shock was a bit much and he had to politely decline. Most of the time they heard him sing were during moments they didn’t expect, the family silent whenever he sang. Most of the songs had been picked up from his travels, the lyrics in a myriad of alien languages that sounded almost angelic at times in Ford’s deep voice. Mabel would watch him with big eyes, the child uncharacteristically silent as she listened to him sing, getting into a habit of recording her grunkle to listen to later. Dipper would sit with his attention on his grunkle, bursting with a hundred questions for Ford but knew there was time later on to ask, for now it was time to listen and enjoy. Stan would be spellbound, sometimes lying a comforting hand on Ford’s shoulder if he sounded to tears whenever the song was mellow, or would nod with a smile if Ford felt himself start to waver when he realized people were watching, continuing on with the little nudge his brother had given him.

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Hello, my name is TransformersG1fan217, and this is my lovely deviantart page!

I'll mostly post things like my fan-fictions (since I have no talent for any other sort of art whatsoever) or pictures of the cosplay that I have started to do over the last two years!

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