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Not Forgotten (Ford and Dipper Clones)
“You know, I wonder what Dipper 1 is up to.” Dipper 3 sighed, poking at the fire that was dying a bit, some ash curling up into the air before vanishing in the faint breeze.
“Why do you care? We haven’t seen them in months.” His companion huffed, staring out of their makeshift home with a soft frown. “I bet he’s having fun back home.”
“Probably, it is getting colder.” Dipper 3 sighed with a slight shrug, poking at the fire once again until he paused, sure he heard something. “Hey do you hear that?”
“Hear what?” Dipper 4 sat up just as the crunching of leaves became louder, the two standing side by side as a man came into the clearing, face stuck in a book until he noticed the makeshift camp. Both Dipper’s were confused as the man looked taken aback at seeing the two, his expression confused as he noticed the numbers on their hats.
“Well hello there…I wasn’t aware there were Dippe
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Shared Demons (Ford and Mabel Pines)

“Leave him alone!” Mabel begged, watching as the yellow one-eyed demon that had been torturing her for day turned around, eye a demonic red. “I’ll do whatever you want!”
“Oh it’s too late shooting star! Ford has had this coming for a long time! Who even cares about getting out of this dump, I’ll just have my fun for the rest of eternity!” Bill’s high-pitched laughter rang out as the man in his fist groaned in pain, Mabel’s eyes welling with tears as her grunkle Ford was held up in front of her.
“Grunkle Ford!” She cried out, eyes going wide when there was a sickening snap, her uncles body hitting the floor like a discarded doll. The girl began to sob as unseeing blue eyes stared past her, the light from them gone as Bill’s laughter filled the room.

Mabel jolted up from her bed, head spinning as she hugged her legs close to her, heart racing as she looked around the room. Dipper was sleeping in t
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Nightmares (Cam Watanabe) (PR Ninja Storm)
It was the annual movie night at the Ninja HQ, and as usual the group that had become like a family had gone all out. Half-empty snack bowls littered the floor, the third movie of the night droning on in front of the group. Shane and Tori were chatting about some sport competition that was coming up in the next few weeks, the two settled back on a blanket fort that Dustin insisted on making every time. Dustin, Hunter and Blake were all watching the movie with rapt attention, the three lying on their stomach’s as they commented on the movie from time to time, grins on their faces.
Lying curled up on the couch in the back of the group was Cam, having fallen asleep during the second movie, and no one had noticed until Cam began to whimper softly in his sleep.

“Run Cameron, find your father!” One of the many masters commanded the technically inclined 24-year old, dispatching one of the strange beings that had just appeared out of thin air. “Get out of here!
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Snowy Reunion (Pines Family)
“I thought it didn’t snow in Cali?” Stanley Pines grumbled as he slipped his jacket back on, envious of not listening to his brother who had warned it would be bitter cold upon their arrival.
“It is rare they get a fair amount, but it can happen.” Stanford Pines commented, gaze on the harbor as he navigated their boat to an open spot where they could settle their boat in. Thankfully there seemed to be room near the shore, Stan helping get the boat properly tied up before he and Ford collected their already packed bags, both a bit giddy as they paid the necessary fees and caught the quickest cab they could find.
“I can’t wait to surprise the kiddos.” Stan rubbed his hands in anticipation as the cab took them to their destination, Ford fiddling with a gift he had been making for Dipper to pass the time, though he was just as excited. By the time they reached the entrance to the neighborhood where Dipper and Mable lived, the two were grinnin
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Illness (Ford Pines)
“You’re sick Ford.” Stan said bluntly, having watched Ford cough for the fifth time in the last minute, his twin shrugging as he blew his nose.
“No I’b nat.” He muttered, his words muddled from his stuffed nose, only serving to have Stan roll his eyes. Ford felt awful, but he was not going to admit this to his brother, the researcher stifling a sneeze as he fumbled around for some coffee. Stan sat back in his chair, a bit impressed Ford managed to not spill the scalding liquid while pouring it into his favorite mug, but the shaking of his hands sent the sugar he liked all over the counter.
“Just give up, you’re sick.” Ford shook his head, resolute in his attempt to make his coffee even as Stan watched with judgmental looks. “Guess I’ll have to use my secret weapon then.”
“Huh?” Words failed to make it out of Ford’s brain, so he resorted to looking like a confused puppy, Stan cupping his hands arou
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Rescued (Stan and Ford Pines) (1?)
Stan Pines was never one for carnivals, the man frowning as he walked around the garishly lit gaming area. His brother had disappeared many years ago, when they had gone to check out some of the games with their parents, just gone in the blink of an eye when Stan had turned to look at something.
Every year since then wherever he had travelled to, if there was a carnival in town Stan always walked around, wondering if it was a distant hope if he would ever see his brother again. Many times, he would talk with the freak acts and give them some food or clothes if needed, knowing that some of the ringmasters could be cruel, but not one of them had his brother. Taking a puff from his cigarette lazy blue eyes glanced over the posters advertising the several acts they would have for the next show, only to pause on one that made his breathing hitch.
Come see the six-fingered man!
The cigarette tumbled to the ground as Stan quickly made his way towards where the acts were housed, smooth
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One Day At A Time (Fix It Felix x Calhoun)
“You know you can relax, right?” Ralph said for what seemed the hundredth time in the last hour, eyes watching as his friend paced back and forth while wringing his hands nervously.
“I just can’t! I don’t want to disappoint my lady.” Felix chirped, nervously bouncing into the air when Ralph got to his feet and placed a hand on his friend’s head with a smile.
“You’re going to do just fine half-pint.” He assured his friend, the two turning when they heard the doorbell ring. “Now, go on and don’t worry, everything is going to be fine.”
“Yer right.’ Felix nodded, taking a breath as he answered the door, the honey glow rushing to his cheeks when his brown eyes landed on the lovely figure of his wife.
“Ready to go?” He nodded and waved goodbye to Ralph before the two got onto her hoverboard and were off down to the terminal. They ended up going to a nice restaurant in one of the older arcade
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Overprotective Much? (Ford and Stan Pines)
Ford had always been protective of Stan.
It started with their father, Ford often comforting his brother when his father called Stan useless and unable to contribute to society. He never could stand up against their father, but the longer the abuse went on, the more his protective side grew. It hurt like daggers to his heart when he couldn’t stop Stanley from being thrown out, face pressed against the glass of the window as he watched his brother drive out of sight, his heart shattering into pieces as he knew he couldn’t protect his brother anymore.
When he was thrown into his own portal years later because he had attacked (why on earth did he do that) his own brother, Ford felt himself fearing for Stanley rather than himself, agony at the thought there was no way he could get back to Stanley. How could he protect Stanley now?
That question was quickly answered when he returned 30 years later, their reunion strained at first, but after Bill’s defeat their bond
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You Are My Sunshine (FiddAuthor)
The other night dear, as I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms
But when I awoke, dear, I was mistaken
So I hung my head and I cried.

Fiddleford didn’t know who this strange man was, the hillbilly fast asleep in his small shack as a storm raged on outside. In this dream he felt young and spry, and a tall man with no face but a handsome voice and flattering words danced around with the southerner in a field of blue violets, often capturing Fiddleford close with sweet words. But this dream always ended the same way, the pleasant atmosphere turning grey as the man was suddenly pulled into a large hole in the ground, leaving the hillbilly a panting wreck when he would jolt out of bed.
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You'll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away

“You have a lovely singing voice.” A twenty-one-year old Stanford hummed as he listened to his dormmate sing, Fiddl
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Remembering The Lost (Stan and Ford Pines)
Ford couldn’t hope to describe the utter feeling of loss, his gut coiling every time Stan looked right through him. Bill was defeated, he was gone but so was Stanley, so was any chance they could have ever hoped to reconcile. It had been weeks, and while Stanley was regaining memories of the twins, Soos, Wendy, and all the townsfolk, not once did Stan ever look at him without the same question now burned into his mind.
”Who are you?”
Even with all the optimism of the children Ford was losing hope, fading more and more into the background as Stan reunited with those he loved and remembered. It was getting to the point Ford was slipping back into his alcoholism, a habit he had picked up after no longer having his twin there to help calm him during school, only growing stronger with his work in Gravity Falls. Once the kids left Stanford thought it best to remain in the basement, trying to distract himself with work and research, unaware of his brother’s curi
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Old Letters (Stan and Ford Pines)
“Grunkle Stan, I found something really weird.” Grumbling at bit at his favorite show being interrupted Stan Pines glanced over to the short pre-teen at his right side, a weathered and yellowed piece of paper being held out towards him. “I found it inside one of the journals, and I think it’s for you.”
“Huh? Really?” Stan raised an eyebrow, internally just surprised he hadn’t come across it over the last thirty years. “Give it here kid, don’t go wavin’ that in front of me and not share.”
“Ok ok! Although it’s weird, I’m not very good at that whole decrypting thing yet.” He shrugged, handing the paper over and watching as it was opened and Stan scanned the pages before shrugging.
“it’s just a bunch of junk.” He grunted, Dipper’s face falling with a sigh.
“Aw man, I was hoping it was about the portal or something…”
“Life sucks sometimes kid.
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The Founder (Fiddleford McGucket)
He only wanted to help people forget.
That was the whole reasoning behind the Society of the Blind Eye, Fiddleford just trying to help the townsfolk of Gravity Falls forget the horrible and terrifying beings that lived in its wilderness, waiting to strike and prey on the innocent. It had been his original goal, and the small group he had amassed to help him do just that seemed to be on the same page for a long time.
But then his grip on sanity and reality began to fail, and the small group that had followed him without question began to turn. At times Fiddleford would wake with no recollection of the day’s events, unaware his second in command had begun to shoot him with his own memory gun and would act like only the perfect comrade who he confided in. But try as he might Fiddleford began to notice his lack of control, unable to go out in public without some sort of embarrassing accident occurring as he would forget himself and act as if everything, and everyone, around him was a
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Recovery (Ford and Stan Pines)
”Don’t leave me…please don’t leave me…I don’t want to be alone anymore…”  
Stan stared at the ceiling above his bunk, a tired sigh escaping him as he hear his brother from the other side of the cabin mutter heartbrokenly in his sleep. It had been like that every night since Weirdmaggedon, since he had been forced to erase the mind of a brother he only had recently gotten back. Stanley still hadn’t completely regained all his memories, but getting out of Gravity Falls and sailing around had helped the process tremendously. At least, it had been helping Stanley. Ford catered to his every whim and did things Stanley knew (or had a feeling he knew) Stanford would never had done in the past, but his anxiety had begun to take its toll. More than once Stan woke up to the sound of Ford sobbing in the bathroom in the hallway, or retching out his dinner over the railing of the ship they called home after a panic attack he would tr
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Soothing (Mabel and Ford Pines)
Grunkle Ford didn’t like thunderstorms.
Mabel sat up quietly, hands fidgeting with each other as a loud crack of thunder almost vibrated the place she called home. Dipper and Stan were heavy sleepers, so she knew they were going to be just fine as the storm raged on outside. However, she was a bit of a light sleeper, the thirteen-year old making her way down the worn stairs as lightning flashed throughout the house, almost jumping a foot in the air at the loud boom that resulted just seconds later. Intent on going to the kitchen she paused at the light of a fire from the nearby living room, curious head poking in just as there was another loud crack of thunder. Mabel didn’t have time to react when she felt firm but gentle hands pull her into the room, a large person curling around the girl as if to protect her from some unseen danger.
“Grunkle Ford?” The name was muffled as her face was pressed against his chest, big blue eyes glancing up at the uncle that had o
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Mabel Juice (Ford and Mabel Pines)
It was late. Ford frowned lightly as he searched through the cupboards, only to find there was absolutely no coffee left in the entire house, which to him was a crime.
“Why do you never buy coffee Stanley?” He mumbled quietly to himself, the researcher sighing as he opened the fridge to glance inside. His eyes were drawn immediately to a large pitcher in the center of the refrigerator, eyebrow raising when he could have sworn he saw what looked like plastic dinosaurs pressed against the plastic side due to the ice mixed in with whatever this concoction was made of. A large six-fingered hand curled around the handle as he pulled the pitcher out, a note reading “MABEL JUICE” in large scrawled letters sticking out to him almost immediately. Ah, he had heard of this drink from both Stanley and Dipper, but neither it seems had ever had any, often warning him never to try some as it was apparently so full of sugar and god knows what else it would instantly kill you.
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The Time It Takes (Fiddleford McGucket)
Fiddleford found himself jealous at times, of Stanley Pines. The man was a bonified hero and was praised for all he had done, and of course Fiddleford was there to always lend a smile.
But underneath his good nature Fiddleford felt rather lonely, the first to always vanish into the background whenever Stanley remembered something else from days’ gone by. He wished it was just as easy for himself, but it seemed Fiddleford was rather unlucky in that regard. At first there were large gaps, long days where nothing would trickle back until an insignificant action or phrase would bring back a small memory here or there, and even so those were his good days. After Weirdmaggedon it got a little easier, the horrific creatures and Bill himself restoring a fair amount of his self that for a time Fiddleford felt the most complete he had in years, but that high faded when it was back to the usual routine of remembering little to nothing. Tate would hear at times his father’s frustration
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Mabel loves to sing. She absolutely will turn up the radio/phone/laptop/TV and belt out what is being played, mostly in the pop-tune range, her singing slightly off-key, but hey she’s still growing. Dipper always trys to talk her out of it, Stan grumbles and usually turns his hearing aid off until the nightmare is over, but not one of them thinks to turn off the objecting making said sound. Ford makes this mistake only once, but luckily enough the song was one he knew before his portal days, and thus the two sing along and dancing only to a beat they knew. Ford does not try this anymore, either placing on earplugs he retrieved in some odd dimension, or sometimes singing along if he knows the lyrics (which aren’t very often).


Dipper is not so outgoing about his singing. He likes to sing alone, usually in the shower or in a clearing in the woods when he knows he’s alone, and sometimes with the Multi-bear, their love of Abba erasing his anxiety for some strange reason. While his voice is still a bit high-pitched, Dipper can keep relatively on-key, and when his bashfulness in front of crowds doesn’t hamper him, the family likes to quietly listen to him sing, Mabel grinning away while Stan gives a nod of his head. The first time Ford heard him sing his standing ovation nearly gave Dipper a heart attack, prompting concern from the researcher who only stopped apologizing once Dipper explained to him his anxiety.


Stan doesn’t really sing... unless he’s in the car. He usually only listens to the same radio stations, cranking the volume in the car he loves so much when his favorite songs start playing, grinning to the kids that “they’re a good classic and you’re gonna know them all by the end of the summer I swear or my name isn’t Stan Pines”. The windows were always rolled down as he belted the lyrics out in sync and sounding almost like the singers except for the slight rasp to his voice, a wild grin on his face as he sang away without a care. Ford didn’t seem too put off by this, sometimes joining in when he recognized a song and the duo often caused amusement whenever they drove around town singing together.


Ford…well Ford is a bit like Dipper. When he first returned home, Mabel had tried to introduce him to all the different styles of music that had come since his disappearance, but the culture shock was a bit much and he had to politely decline. Most of the time they heard him sing were during moments they didn’t expect, the family silent whenever he sang. Most of the songs had been picked up from his travels, the lyrics in a myriad of alien languages that sounded almost angelic at times in Ford’s deep voice. Mabel would watch him with big eyes, the child uncharacteristically silent as she listened to him sing, getting into a habit of recording her grunkle to listen to later. Dipper would sit with his attention on his grunkle, bursting with a hundred questions for Ford but knew there was time later on to ask, for now it was time to listen and enjoy. Stan would be spellbound, sometimes lying a comforting hand on Ford’s shoulder if he sounded to tears whenever the song was mellow, or would nod with a smile if Ford felt himself start to waver when he realized people were watching, continuing on with the little nudge his brother had given him.

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Hello, my name is TransformersG1fan217, and this is my lovely deviantart page!

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